A Graffiti Way • American Photographer Mark Fisher • Work The Entrance

By: markfisheramericanphotographer

Jul 02 2016

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Focal Length:18mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K20D

A Graffiti Way

• American Photographer Mark Fisher •

Work The Entrance

Color Just Adds

To The Visual Imact

Found In New York

Just Be Creative™

 No Second Usage Without Permission

All Rights Reserved • Models,Actors, Actresses,Dancers,

 Musicians Used In The Web Posts Are Professionals

 and Require Fee For Any Publication or Usage. 

All Have Management. 

Removal Of The Image Or Blog May Violate U.S. Laws.

Photographer Mark Fisher™ Is 

A Well Accomplished Published Photographer 

In Beauty, Fashion, and Music Photography. 

New York City 

Based Image And Filmmaker

Has A Worldwide Following. 

Is A Member Of The Press. 

There Is Fan Page On Facebook.


A Working Image Maker

  Commissions Accepted Through Contract

• New York • • Paris • • Milan • • London • 

  Private Client Request Accepted. 

Website http://www.americanphotographernyc1.com

For More Info Contact 

Green Key Management 

New York, New York 


Mark Fisher Is A Member Of The Press.

Thank You  



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