Veterans Day 2014 • American Photographer Mark Fisher • A Matter Of Opinion

By: markfisheramericanphotographer

Nov 11 2014

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Veteran’s Day 2014

This Is The Day We Honor Those Men And Women Who Stepped To The Plate And Did Their Duty.

In The Great City Of New York, Most Belittle Veterans With Belief, That Is Wrong To Serve Your Country.  In fact,  Most Civilians Make It A Joke, Disgracing Former Service Men And Women As Being Idiots For Serving. Many Pretend One Thing And Practice Another. For 25 Years I Could Not Say I Was Veteran, With The Experience Of Being Called Some Rude Name Or Being Asked To Leave A Public Place. This Continues Today, Most Wish That They Could Of Done Some Thing And Put Down Those Who Did, Trying To Make Themselves Look Good. Veterans Have Been The Target Long Enough, It Is Time To Make The Record Straight. Wake Up America Wake Up!

Some Will Go Back To Normal Practices Tomorrow, Do Not Do Business With Them. Wish Them Away. Actions Speak Louder Than Words.  Do It America!  Honor Your Heroes!

Mark Fisher,In New York, U.S. Army (Vietnam Era)


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