Smile From Sudan • American Photographer Mark Fisher • Face Of Mari

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Jul 18 2012

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Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:PENTAX K10D

Smile From Sudan

Smile From Sudan


• American Photographer Mark Fisher •


Face Of Mari


Captured In Later Afternoon Light


Using A Reflector For Fill


Sudan |soōˈdan| (also the Sudan)a country in northeastern Africa,

south of Egypt, with a coastline on the Red Sea; 

pop. 39,148,000; capital, Khartoum;

languages, Arabic (official),

Dinka, Hausa, and others.


Under Arab rule from the 13th century,

the country was conquered by Egypt in 1820–22.

Sudan was separated from itsnorthern neighbor

by the Mahdist revolt of 1881–98

andadministered after the reconquest of 1898

as an Anglo-Egyptiancondominium.

It became an independent republic in 1956,

but has suffered severely as a result

of protracted civil war between the Islamic government in

the north and separatist forces in the south.

In 2004 Arab militas attacked villagers in western Darfur,

leaving more than 50,000 people dead and displacing more than 1 million.



 Photographer Mark Fisher Is The Leader In Modern Trends Of Photography.




 He Is Well Accomplished In  Beauty, Fashion, Music Photography, And Filmmaker  




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PHOTOGRAPHER MARK FISHER Is In New York City And Many Others Outside This Location Claim The Same Name.

 Just Open Your Eyes And See.

Remember: Photographer Mark Fisher is in New York Working Over 35 Years.

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